Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Own Invisible Jet

      So, are there any other Wonder Woman fans out there? Anybody else grow up wanting your own Invisible Jet? Especially one that would come to you when you called it telepathically?...Uh, it just dawned on me that I do have an invisible mode of transport. My auto looks like so many others in the parking lot, I can never find it. It just disappears! And I spend 'way too much time calling to it telepathically, hoping it will come to me before Security does...But anyway...
     Like all maniacal, obsessed stampers, I'm always on the lookout for the perfect storage for [insert current product of mania here]. Recently, I went hunting for a way to store my lovely, crystal clear, stamp blocks on my studio desk as well as my class table. Ta da!

Behold: my invisible jet!

 It's a desk organizer from Target!

On the studio desk, it stands on its back and takes up less space.

When there's more room available, it sits on its bottom like an average, unassuming desk organizer.
     Once it was loaded up with equally invisible blocks, I knew I had found my invisible jet. Even my husband recognized it as such before I could tell him what it was.

     So there you have it, beautiful, functional, and fun to play with. ;)

     What's your favorite storage tip? Please share!

     Happy stamping!

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