Monday, October 13, 2014

     Ah, Autumn...Here in Memphis, the trees are celebrating the dropping temperatures with their party colors. Their gorgeousness softens the blow a little: Summer is over. I love summer, and the cold winter days to come make me want to hibernate. (Yes, summer here is HOT and winter is not that cold, comparatively speaking. I just don't like cold.) Show me a tree with gold or red in the leaves, however, and that cheers me right up.

A little thanks to the trees that cheer me up.
     My first Stampin' Up order had several leafy sets on it, and for the past several years, I have diligently added to my leaf stamp collection. I am set for leaves...but I always want more. Resisting adding any of the leafy sets in the current catalogs made me proud and sad at the same time.

     But as the season has progressed, I found myself yearning for a new leaf. Just one more, right? Fortunately, Stampin' Up has a solution for folks with my dilemma: The Undefined Stamp Carving Kit (#133402). Yep, DIY stamp making.  I decided to make my own stamp.

     Me. I can't draw...but I wanted my stamp to look both realistic and distinctive. How could I do it? Simple: I borrowed a leaf from a friendly tree, made a rubbing of it, and transferred the outline to the rubber.

     The swirls inside the leaf are from Gratitude for Days (#136818). Once the outline was on the stamp, I inked up the little gratitude swirls, plotted the positions on scrap paper, then stamped them right on the rubber to give me carving guidelines.

The leaf in the left corner is a stand-in for the original model. :)
     A few minutes of carving and ta-da! My very own leaf stamp! I just used a bit of double-sided tape to adhere it to the block. It might end up on wood eventually.  The rubber is super easy to carve (remember to go slowly and steadily)! And the surface texture worked really nicely for stamping on, then transferring that ink to paper for a reflection or reverse stamping technique.

     What will I carve next? What would you carve?

    Happy Fall, Y'all!
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  1. Valli, The stamp you carved is just gorgeous. LOVE it!!!!! I also love the colors in your card. That pop of blue makes me happy. Oh and now you've gone and made me want those feathers, something I thought I didn't need. :)