Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bliss: Instant and Long Term

    Instant gratification--we demand it in almost every aspect of our lives. Have you ever told a microwave oven to hurry up? Our culture is (contrary to expectations in the past) time crunched. We expect to accomplish more in less time, so we have more time to accomplish more...and on and on. Sometimes instant is grinding. But sometimes, instant gratification can be blissful. Ink, paper, stamp, a little color, and a happy little boom occurs. Making a card or paper gift for a dear friend in 15 minutes flips a lot of happy switches for me. Putting arty love to work and sharing it is a good thing.
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   A quick, small project is satisfying in many ways. If you work with just the materials at hand, it can be a do-it-and-done task, with less time to worry, fewer decisions to make, and opportunities for ingenuity. It is still personal and customized with an emotional investment, but less of a time investment.

     This Perfect Peacock (the stamp name, not my creation!) is great for a quick card. Colored with Blendabilities on Shimmery White cardstock, it is fast and ooh la la!

     On the other hand, a long-term craft project is a different experience than one that is accomplished in one sitting.

Planning a project and executing it in stages is gratifying on many levels. You can maximize the potential and utility of your tools and expand your creativity in new directions. You can get a little dose of bliss at each stage. Working on a bigger scale, your project can take on a deeper meaning and give you a more profound, longer-lasting sense of accomplishment. A long-term project can give you time acquire tools (some that might not be invented yet) or learn a technique that can add a depth and richness to the whole experience. And (speaks the English major and homeschool teacher) you can really develop your theme over time.

This printer's tray has been in progress for a year. The layout is on paper, but each box is completed when the muse tells me everything has come together. The theme:  In the beginning was the Word. I did say I am word-obsessed, didn't I?

     So, how about you? Are you quick to finish one project so you can move on to the next? Do you like projects that have to "cook" a while? What's your style?

     Thanks for reading! Reading your comments makes me blissful, too, so don't be shy!

                                                        Stamp your Bliss!

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